Donations and VIP Rewards

Your support helps keep the server running.

If you enjoy playing on the CGA servers, consider making a donation and becoming a VIP member. We rely on your generosity to keep the servers running. We'll give you a few perks in return.

VIP Rewards

Although making a donation won't give you any gameplay advantages over opponents, VIP membership has its rewards:

Reserved slot access
End-of-round humiliation immunity
Autobalance and idle kick immunity
Class limit restriction immunity
Play as a robot
VIP tag for chat messages
Leave your mark with sprays
Add unusual effects to weapons
+25% bonus experience
Free noisemakers
Third person view
Custom chat colors

Reward Yourself: Earn more exp and get exclusive VIP benefits

For just $4 per month, you get all of the VIP benefits plus the warm feeling you get from knowing you're supporting the community.

CGA VIP Membership
Steam ID

Had enough? You may cancel your membership at any time.

If you need additional help, please send your playername, SteamID, and a description of the problem to